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KWJKris Jacob – President Bullseye USA, Inc.  & Bullseye Instructor:

Growing up on a Cattle Ranch West of St. Louis, Mr. Jacob was exposed to firearms at an early age.  However his formal training in self-defense started much later.  In 1994 Mr. Jacob was held up at gunpoint in San Francisco while he was a resident of New York City.  This was an event he found both ironic and instructive. 

Over the next 20 years, he spent nearly every free moment taking various training courses including Front Site Firearms Institute, NRA Handgun Instructor Course, Martial Arts Courses, Combat Defense Courses from the SEALFit Academy, Civilian Instructor Course from Taser International, and firearms courses from Haley Strategic, Tactical Service Group, and Team Three Tactical. 

After a 20-year career in technology, Mr. Jacob transitioned full-time into the personal defense industry.  Founding Bullseye USA, Inc. as an education-oriented chain of firearms training centers and retail stores, where he leads a team of dedicated education and retail professionals, which began teaching 60 courses per quarter and now averages 400-600 classes per quarter.  He now serves as the President of Bullseye USA, Inc., a part time instructor, and a full time student.


Lynne V. - Bullseye Instructor 
Lynne arrived at Bullseye as a new student with no formal training.  She now leads Bullseye’s Introductory Firearms Training Program teaching hundreds of novice shooters how to properly handle a firearm. Lynne’s expertise includes long-range rifle marksmanship, as well as basic pistol and shotgun instruction.  She trains constantly on Bullseye’s 10-lane,18-yard indoor shooting range competing regularly with the other instructors and staff. 


HicksDarren Hicks - Former US Navy SEAL (Adjunct Instructor):
Darren Hicks joined the US Navy after college in 1997 to become a Navy SEAL.  He went through BUD/s (SEAL Training) class 216 and upon graduating was stationed at Seal Team One in Coronado CA.  Darren completed multiple overseas deployments, and served as the primary sniper for Golf Platoon, SEAL Team One.  Shortly after 9/11 Darren deployed to Afghanistan multiple times to conduct combat operations as Squadron Point Man/Sniper to hunt Al Qaeda operatives in support of JSOC and Operation Enduring Freedom operations.  In 2004 Darren transferred from SEAL Team One to NSWC as a sniper instructor and then transferred to Lead Weapons Instructor for 3rd Phase BUD/s, where he taught and managed all combat shooting evolutions to all SEAL trainees. 
Darren made the difficult career decision to transition out of the SEAL Teams in December of 2005 to begin his business career.  Darren joined the Technology Staffing and Consulting company his father founded in 1979, Hicks Professional Group  Darren has served as the President of HicksPro since 2008.  He now spends much of his time running his company’s Veteran Hiring Program line of business, which helps HicksPro’s clients hire more veterans.  Darren is an active Committee Member of the Navy SEAL Tribute Golf Weekend, which raised over 2 million dollars last year alone for the Navy SEAL Foundation
Darren lives in Lafayette with his wife of 14 years and two daughters, ages 6 and 3.  Darren spends his free time with his family and fulfilling his passion for cycling and shooting. 


“In a life or death situation you do not rise to the occasion, you fall to the lowest level of your training”

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