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Frequently Asked Questions

When I come in what will I need?
When you come in, be sure that your firearm remains cased until asked for by range staff. Go to the front desk and check-in. You will need a picture ID to rent a lane. Range staff will assign you to a lane, check your firearms and ammo, make sure you have eye and ear protection, and start you a tab. You are free to go shoot. If you need additional targets or ammo, exit the range and bring the additional items to the front desk. When you are done shooting, check-out at the front desk.

I have no/very little experience with firearms, do I have to take a course before I can shoot?
Yes. Safety is our number one priority. If you have never fired a gun before, or if our staff observe improper handling/operation of a firearm you will be required to take a 15 minute safety and operation class before being allowed on the range. The class is $30 and is done on the spot by a qualified staff member.

If you are a new shooter, we highly recommend taking our Basic Pistol Course.

I have my own firearm, how do I transport it to your range?
California law requires that handguns be transported unloaded in a locked container. The box for you gun can be turned into a locked container by wrapping the included cable lock around the handle a few times and then locking securely.

Bullseye requires that all firearms be in a locked container prior to entering, with the exception of Law Enforcement and individuals who possess a valid Concealed Carry License issued in California.

Can I bring my own ammo?
If you are using your own firearm, you may bring your own ammunition and use it. However, when renting a firearm the ammunition must be purchased from us.

What is the maximum distance of the range?
Our range is 18 yards (54 feet).

Are rifles allowed on the range?
Rifles chambered in 5.56/.223 may be fired on the range but only using the frangible ammunition purchased from us. Our range is not rated for rifle calibers.

Are shotguns allowed on the range?
Shotguns may be fired on the range provided that #8 lead shot is used. No buckshot or slugs permitted.

Can I practice drawing from the holster?
Bullseye only allows holster draw on its range if the individual meets one of the following:

  • Posses a valid California Bureau of Security and Investigative (B.S.I.S.) Guard Card and Firearms Permit.  (MUST HAVE BOTH.  BOTH MUST BE VALID.) and a state-issued photographic identification card that matches the identifying information on the B.S.I.S. Guard Card and Firearms Permit.
  • Posses a valid California Concealed Weapons Permit and California state-issued photographic Identification card that matches the identifying information on the B.S.I.S. Guard Card and Firearms Permit.
  • Be a graduate of Bullseye USA, Inc.’s Defensive Pistol course.  (Copy of Certificate required.)

These individuals then must complete a skills assessment under the direct supervision of a Bullseye USA, Inc. Training Division Firearms Instructor.  NO ASSESSMENTS GIVEN WITHOUT THE ABOVE DOCUMENTATION.  

How do you ensure safety on the range?
The range is constantly monitored by Bullseye Staff and all guests are encouraged to report unsafe behavior to range staff. When unsafe behavior is observed or reported, the guest(s) displaying unsafe behavior are given the option of taking a remedial safety, handling and operation class for $25 or being asked to leave.

Safety is our number one priority

Are corporate events possible?
Corporate events and private competitions can be schedule at the range. Contact us for more information on renting out the facility.

Are gift memberships available?
Yes, we have the ultimate gift for any shooter, the Annual Membership gift certificate is now available along with cash gift cards and member passes.

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