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About Bullseye:

Bullseye USA, Inc. is a leading consumer-focused, education-centric group of training centers and retail stores selling firearms, accessories and supplies. Bullseye serves the consumer, law enforcement and military/government contract markets in Northern California and Western Nevada with a shooting range, two training centers, and three retail locations. Bullseye USA takes a unique approach to the retail firearms market believing that education and growth are a critical part of responsible and safe ownership of firearms and other tools for professional, self-defense and recreation uses.

Training & Education:
 Knowledge and education are a key component of safely and effectively using firearms or any self defense tool. In addition to having a number of NRA Certified Instructors on our team, we operate a world class Firearm Training Centers at our San Rafael and Nevada locations and teach a number of advanced off-site courses as well. Bullseye USA's Instructors are highly qualified and experienced in their fields. Bullseye's Instructors have been recruited from civilian instruction programs, US Military, and Law Enforcement, and bring decades of experience to bear on every class. Whether private, one-on-one training, or organized group lessons and events, we ensure our guests get the most value from the course. We offer courses for new shooters and the experienced as well, from Basic through Advanced/Defensive for Pistols, Rifles, & Shotguns as well as Edged Weapons and less than lethal tools such as Tasers.

A Different Kind of Gun Store:
 Bullseye offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for new and veteran firearm enthusiasts alike. We carefully evaluate and hire only the most qualified instructors and staff to ensure we have professional, knowledgeable personnel that are passionate about finding the best instruction, gear, and information to fit our customer’s specific needs.


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